What Are Internet Security Cameras?

Internet security cameras also referred to as IP or internet protocol cameras, are security cameras that transmit images via a unique IP address. This enables the viewer to see the images from any location in the world where they have access to the Internet. The viewer simply has to log on to an established Internet address via a web browser and enter a password and he is immediately connected to the camera and can see everything the camera sees.

Internet security cameras are available in a wide variety of sizes nowadays. Most of them are pretty sophisticates and come with many different features. They are able to pan and tilt and you are able to set the image resolution you want with just the click of your mouse. Some Internet security cameras as small enough inside a child’s stuffed toy and, hence, can be hidden from even the most prying eyes.

The technology for these security cameras is changing so rapidly that any model you purchase today could be obsolete within six months.  If you are careful to purchase an Internet security camera that suits all your requirements then you will probably not have to replace if for at least a few years.

People use Internet security cameras for many different reasons. If they are having some interior renovation work done on their house and are not sure they can trust the contractors, they might choose to purchase and install some Internet security cameras for the interior of their home. If they have a babysitter they are not too sure about, this might be another reason someone might purchase and install Internet security cameras.

Internet security cameras come in two different types, either wireless or wired. Most people prefer to use a wireless system for obvious reasons. The installation is easily completed with little hassle as there are no wires needing to be run or connected.  Wireless security cameras can also be installed outside. They are good deterrents for criminals and, because they are wireless can not be easily disabled by someone who simply snips through a wire with a pair of wire cutters. Most Internet security cameras are extremely small, about the size of a webcam. Some have sensors built into them that can not only detect movement but can also detect things like weapons.

Internet security cameras are not just good for home use, they can also be installed to monitor a business as well. If you have a lot of expensive inventory that is stored away from the eyes of a watchman and you are concerned about some employees stealing from you, installing an Internet security camera can allow you to keep an eye on your inventory even when you are not there to physically monitor it yourself.
Installing an Internet security camera can save you thousands of dollars each year in security costs.

Keep in mind that Internet security cameras require a high amount of bandwidth, usually a cable connection. If you do not subscribe to a cable Internet connection you might have to upgrade in order to be able to view the images collected by your camera.

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